This is the beginning of a 7 part series on learning Mandarin using the questions who, what, where, when, why, and how.  We will go over how to utilize each question individually to its full potential, and then how to combine the 6 questions to speed up your language acquisition.  The first question we will look at is….


By asking questions using who, you will learn many new words associated with the word you already know. For instance, say you have learned the word brother (哥哥). You can ask yourself the question who is your brother? There are a number of responses to this question such as:

  • My Brother’s name is… (我哥哥的名字是…)
  • His name is… (他的名字是…)
  • He is my younger brother (他是我弟弟)

Try asking questions using who next time you are stuck. See where it leads you.